About me

How did my journey begin?

I was born on the west coast of Turkey. I made my decision about my future at the moment I saw a small Greek island from the window in my grandmother’s house when I was about 7 years old. I felt that I needed to travel all around the world and see many seaside cities that not too many people even have heard a word about it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it without money. So, I found a great way to make my dreams come true: I would be a captain! Most importantly, I would get paid while traveling!

After I had worked on the ships for five years, I came here, to Canada. Now, I am running after my next dream: sharing my words with the world. So, I think writing a blog is a great way to start. Furthermore, researching topics that I am curious about, learning more and finally putting all down to this page seems like a great way to achieve my goal.

As for the topic that I am excited to write about, learning about the stories behind materials and objects which we use everyday but don’t know of their origins makes me feel that I share a common feeling with my ancestors. If I don’t know the past, how can I interpret today and the future, right?

In addition, don’t you also think that it is exciting to know how the materials that we always use are made in the first place? Were they invented by coincidence? Or maybe by some inspiration? Did people actually need them as much as we do now?

Welcome to a quick journey through history! I hope you enjoy reading this blog.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.


Dicle Ozvardar