Did you know the first blue jeans was colored by natural indigo dye?

Hi everyone. I have to say that I feel very excited to meet you here and share my interest with you. I will write about the history behind the materials that we use in our daily lives.

My first topic is blue jeans. Almost all of us wear blue jeans, at least in our free time. Although there are many extraordinary blue jeans style nowadays, the first blue jeans, which were made in 1873, didn’t look fashionable at all.

Here is the story behind the blue jeans:

Once upon a time, when pants were made of wool or linen, there was a tailor and a young man who had a goods store. The young tailor used to purchase the clothes and other materials from this young man’s store. One day, the wife of a miner asked the tailor to make a pair of stronger pants that wouldn’t fall apart and wear off easily. She must have been tired of washing and sewing her husband’s clothes! The young tailor was an ambitious man; he had set his sights on this particular job and thought about how he could fix the pants for hours. Then, quick as a flash, he had a brilliant idea and immediately ran to his friend’s goods store. He bought a different style of textile called ‘nemis’, which we call it denim today, and sewed a pair of pants, and then placed copper rivets at the pockets and flies, where pants rip the most. After colouring it to dark blue using natural indigo dye, he and his friend wrote their names into history by inventing blue jeans.

By the way, the tailor’s name was Jacob W. Davis, and the man running the goods store was Levi Strauss.







Posted on Jan. 27, 2017

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